Yes. EALC is a public school within School District 70.

Yes,as long as the student remains registered and active as a full-time distributed learner.

There is no cost associated with registration and enrolment.

Yes. Students can only be registered with one school at a time.

Registration is accepted year round, and enrollment is offered as space is available.

You should receive a confirmation email if the registration is successfully received. Once a place in the program is available, your child’s teacher will reach out to arrange a meeting to discuss next steps, including development of a student learning plan (SLP) for the school year.

Upon confirmation of enrollment, students will need general school supplies and a supportive home learning environment (a place to learn within the home). In addition, access to a computer and internet is strongly recommended.

Students registered in the blended learning program will have access to face-to-face learning opportunities, including field trips. All registered and active full-time students will have access to up to $600.00 of student learning resource funds (SLRF) to enhance their home learning experience.

For our Learn at Home and Compass Programs our ability to provide support for students with special needs is dependent on location, student needs and availability of resources. At this time, we cannot guarantee support for all students who enroll.

You will have to re-register at your child(ren)’s neighbourhood school and de-register with EALC. Your child’s files will then be transferred. If a student leaves prior to February 15, any utilized SLRF funding over 50% will need to be reimbursed to the school.

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